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Carsoft MB / BMW PRO offers the most complete and permanently updated diagnostic- and repair solution for all (1988 - 2015 and onwards) BMW & Mercedes vehicles. Specialization is our aim and our advantage compared to other scan tools. This system is 'the' system of choice for high demanding independent Mercedes, Sprinter, BMW & Mini specialists.

 Manufactures :




 Features :


 Module / ECU  Info
 Read Stored Fault Codes
 Read Actual Fault Codes
 Erase Fault Codes
 Service Interval History
 Service Interval Reset 
 Service Interval Programming
 Real Time Reading of Dynamic Data  (live Data)  
 System Function Test 
 Smooth Running  Test 
 Component Activation 
 Clear and Re-set Adaptation values
 Calibration-, Alignment-,  Synchronization-  and other ECU adjustment Features


 Coding of Control Units
 Conversion of Control Units
 Individualization of Control Units 
 Retrofitting- , Programming- & Activating New Components
 Fault Code Explanations
 Step by Step Repair Instructions
 Component Information and Locations
 Complete Wiring Diagrams with Active Legends
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*) the functions and coverage of the above listed vehicles may vary, depending on the type and year of the vehicle.
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